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Traveling this summer?
July 10 12:51 PM
Test Account

Here are 5 money mistakes to avoid.

Premier Bank Recognized in 2019 List of Top 200 Healthiest Banks in America
May 13 11:11 AM
Test Account
We are excited to announce that we were ranked as one of the Top 200 Healthiest Banks in America by for the sixth year in a row!
Protect your home from effects of winter snow and spring showers
March 11 10:11 AM
Test Account
We’ve had an extremely snowy season this year and now with spring coming up (hopefully), we’re going to see more rain in our forecast. That means we need to be more vigilant on protecting our homes from water.
4 Ways to Prevent Wire Fraud
March 6 3:36 PM
Test Account

Wire transfer fraud is on the rise with criminals targeting unsuspecting businesses and consumers with increasingly sophisticated email phishing scams.  Always be vigilant when it comes to wire transfers and verify the information is from a trusted source.  Here are a few tips on wire fraud prevention:

Weather Warning: It’s a buyer's market!
January 23 3:14 PM
Test Account
Why wait until spring to purchase your next home when winter is where it’s at? Our mortgage lenders agree that NOW (specifically winter) is the perfect time to buy a house. “Existing home inventory is usually at its lowest in the cold and snowy parts of winter, which makes for a buyer’s market,” Premier Bank mortgage lender, Guthrie Steen says.
Tips to saving money that won't stress you out!
July 19 8:54 AM
Test Account
Sometimes we think saving has to be a hard endeavor, but it’s not. Check out these simple tips on how you can save a little money here and there that can add up.
Premier Bank Included in the Top 200 Healthiest Banks in America - 5 years in a row!
May 15 8:06 AM
Skeet Skaalen

We are excited to announce that, a subsidiary of LendingTree, has released its list of the 2018 Top 200 Healthiest Banks in America and Premier Bank has made the list for the fifth year in a row.

$1,000 bonus awarded to all Premier Bank employees
February 22 12:11 PM
Test Account
Our President and CEO, Chris Maher, generously gave all employees a $1,000 bonus recently in an effort to reward the employees for their hard work at making Premier Bank a success. Check out the great article that was written by the Omaha World Herald today!
Equifax Breach - Be In The Know
September 13 10:35 AM
Test Account
Keep up to date on the recent Equifax security breach. Check out this article from the Omaha World Herald on how you can determine if you were affected.
Personal contacts are not overrated
April 24 1:55 PM
Test Account

If you’re a business owner, big name companies like Pay Pal, Square, and Visa are a part of your vocabulary. In an effort to accept payments from your customers, you more than likely have or are currently using their services. Not only are you using their services, you’re paying their fees and having to call a 1-800 number just to get a question answered. And you probably haven’t even talked to the same person more than once if you’ve had to make a call to that number.

Saving is POSSIBLE
March 1 10:45 AM
Test Account
Living paycheck to paycheck can make saving money seem impossible. We can help make saving possible for you.
Top 200 Healthiest Banks - It's a big deal!
July 15 3:46 PM
Test Account
If you know our history, you’d understand why this is such a big deal
CD Special
May 11 11:19 AM
Test Account
Are you an "Empty Nester?"
New Mobile App Feature Makes Banking Easier
November 18 2:24 PM
Test Account

We recently added a new feature to our mobile app: Bill Pay!



Welcome To Our Farmers Bank Customers
September 11 9:55 AM
Test Account

Please allow me to introduce you to Premier Bank! At Premier we have been able to do what we’ve always wanted to do – create a place where we would want to do our own banking. A place where valued customers like you can Expect More.

Premier Bank ranked in 200 Healthiest Banks – 2nd year in a row.
July 17 10:50 AM
Test Account
Premier Bank ranked in 200 Healthiest Banks - 2nd year in a row.

Turn off your debit card. Anytime. Anywhere.
June 26 11:00 AM
Test Account
Stuff happens. Things get misplaced or stolen. Now you can turn off your debit card at the push of a button on our mobile app.
Saving for Emergencies
February 28 9:38 AM
Vicky Houston
According to “Emergencies” are defined as: a sudden, urgent, usually unexpected occurrence or occasion requiring immediate action.
Saving for Retirement
February 27 9:40 AM
Test Account
For many, the thought of saving for retirement can be daunting or something you can do later.
Saving Automatically
February 26 8:59 AM
Test Account
It can be hard to put aside money for savings, but there is an easy way to save money without ever missing it.
Family & Youth Savings
February 25 8:51 AM
Test Account
Good saving habits often start with choices at home. Here are some great resources on how to teach your children to save – no matter the age.
Paying Off High-Interest Debt
February 24 9:38 AM
Test Account
Do you have high-interest debt (like a credit card)? You’re not alone. Millions of people all over the nation are trapped in similar kinds of debt. Not to worry! There’s a way we can help you develop a plan to pay it off.
Assess Your Savings
February 23 8:37 AM
Vicky Houston
You are important to us and we understand how important saving money is, so we are pleased to announce that we are participating in America Saves Week February 23 - 26. America Saves Week is simply an opportunity for people across the nation to take a moment from the busyness of life and look at their big financial picture.
Save & Register to Win $500
February 20 4:17 PM
Vicky Houston
Next week we will be participating in America Saves Week as a way to help you save more. Watch our website next week for daily tips. In the meantime, check out this awesome opportunity to win $500 by sharing a picture on your Facebook, Twitter or Instagram about what you're saving for. Here are the details!
Mortgage Rates
January 27 8:36 AM
Vicky Houston
Mortgage rates continue to hover at record lows, helping you save more money. Check out today’s Omaha World-Herald article featuring our very own, Todd Clevenger.
Prize Winners
January 12 10:54 AM
Vicky Houston
When our new branch opened at 43rd & Dodge we held a drawing open to our new & current customers for a flat screen TV and iPad Air. Congrats Josh & Rhonda on your new gadgets!
3rd Annual Santa Event
December 18 11:28 AM
Vicky Houston
Premier Bank partnered with the Village Pointe Shopping Center in hosting our 3rd Annual Story Time with Santa. Here are a few pictures of those who attended as well a few employees who had a chance to visit with the Claus’s too (one even dressed the part).
Premier Bank Included in List of Top 200 Healthiest Banks in the U.S.
November 20 10:40 AM
Vicky Houston
We’re pretty excited to share that Premier Bank was listed in the Top 200 Healthiest Banks in the U.S. according to Every year they survey the financial health of federally insured banks in the United States and we were one of only six Nebraska banks to be on the list!
Our New Branch is Open!
September 30 9:38 AM
Vicky Houston
It’s official! We moved into our new location. Our move was featured in the Omaha World Herald. Please check out the details of how we moved our safe deposit boxes from 42nd & Farnam to the new branch this past weekend.
Getting closer . . .
September 23 1:11 PM
Vicky Houston
Concrete is being poured!
September 5 9:55 AM
Vicky Houston
It's taking shape!
August 22 4:41 PM
Vicky Houston
A little over a month to go!
August 6 9:30 AM
Vicky Houston
Masonry and roofing goes up!
June 27 2:24 PM
Vicky Houston
Framing Begins!
June 3 9:40 AM
Vicky Houston
43rd & Dodge Construction: The Vault Arrives.
May 5 9:32 AM
Vicky Houston
Photos from our 43rd & Dodge Groundbreaking
April 10 1:33 PM
Vicky Houston
Check out the many faces of Premier Bank!
April 7 8:36 AM
Vicky Houston
Check out the many faces of Premier Bank!
UNO Business Students at Premier Bank
April 3 3:56 PM
Vicky Houston
Chris Maher was interviewed by a group of UNO banking and finance students who are working on their commercial bank analysis project.
Groundbreaking for 43rd & Dodge Location
April 1 9:29 AM
Vicky Houston
On March 31st, Premier Bank broke ground for our new location at 43rd and Dodge. Omaha World Herald staff writer, Russell Hubbard, had a chance to attend our ceremony.
Premier Bank Advisory Board member, Seline, recognized
February 27 3:58 PM
Vicky Houston
Premier Bank’s Advisory Board member, Steve Seline was recently recognized as the Volunteer of the Year for Leadership by the Greater Omaha Chamber of Commerce. Congrats Steve!
Premier Bank Recognized as a “Fee-Free” Bank
February 4 1:02 PM
Vicky Houston
Premier Bank was noted in a recent article in the Omaha World Herald as a local bank that is considered a “Fee Free” bank.
Premier Protection Guarantee
December 19 10:12 AM
Test Account
With our Premier Protection Guarantee you will:

Have $0 liability should any unauthorized funds transfer occur without your consent provided you notify us within 60 calendar days after the bank or account statement on which the transaction first appeared and was made available to you.

Premier Bank Announces a New Member to the Advisory Board
October 24 8:59 AM
Vicky Houston
Sam Marchese, CEO of Consolidated Kitchens and Fireplaces (CKF) joins Premier's Advisory Board.
Employees partner with Habitat for Humanity
September 19 12:18 PM
Vicky Houston

Over the Labor Day weekend, Premier Bank employees had the privilege to assist in building a home for a family in need through Omaha’s Habitat for Humanity, as well as provided breakfast and lunch for the construction team.

To learn more about Habitat for Humanity:

Premier Bank Collects Items for Open Door Mission Hope Totes
June 18 1:12 PM
Vicky Houston
The Open Door Mission distributes Hope Totes – bags filled with personal care necessities – to homeless men, women and children. Throughout the month of May, Premier Bank employees and customers together donated over 100 lbs. of items to the Open Door Mission to fill their bags.

See more on our Facebook page.
Serving the families of the Ronald McDonald House
March 4 2:56 PM
Vicky Houston

On February 11th, a group of Premier Bank employees were able to provide a home-cooked meal to the families residing at the Ronald McDonald House. The employees were able to provide and serve dinner to approximately 25 people within the home. Many of the families staying in the Ronald McDonald House represent several states. We are proud to support an organization that not only reaches out to the community, but also to those in need outside of the community. For more information about the Ronald McDonald House or to volunteer:
Santa & Mrs. Claus Visit Premier Bank
December 17 11:55 AM
Vicky Houston

Sugar free gum, Justin Bieber tickets, trains and dolls were among the many requests of 75 children who visited with Santa and Mrs. Claus at our Village Pointe branch. On Thursday, December 13th, Santa and Mrs. Claus made a guest appearance in our lobby to read a story to the children along with some one-on-one time to chat about their upcoming Christmas requests. In addition to the children, Santa and the Mrs. also took some time out of their busy schedule to visit with our branch employees as well.
Premier Bank celebrates its One Year Anniversary!
November 5 11:38 AM
Vicky Houston
As I look back on the past year, I am pleased to give you an update on the progress we have made. We have added new, competitive products for your deposit and loan needs, we added a mortgage division to assist you in taking advantage of historically low interest rates, we launched our new and improved website and online banking site and our new mobile app – all of these done in an effort to give you more options and make your banking easier and faster.
October 25 11:23 AM
Vicky Houston
On Saturday, October 20th, Premier Bank employees volunteered at the Better Business Bureau’s fall shred event at the Methodist Health System parking lot located at 84th & Dodge. An estimated 1,800 vehicles dropped off their personal and business documents to be shredded on the spot. Approximately 60,000 pounds of paper was shredded in the four hours the event was hosted.
We're on Dodge, but you might not be
October 3 11:04 AM
Vicky Houston
Get your banking done, even if you’re nowhere near one of Premier Bank’s full-service locations. Check account balances, set up transfers, and more - all from your laptop or mobile device. It’s simple and secure.
Crouse, Nebbia and Seline among those named to Premier Bank Advisory Board
October 1 9:47 AM
Vicky Houston
Premier Bank has announced the members of its inaugural Advisory Board. They include such noted Omaha business leaders as: Jerry K. Crouse, vice-chairman of Tenaska Energy, Inc. and CEO of Tenaska, Inc.; Ronald J. Nebbia, CPA, ABV, consulting partner at Lutz & Company; Steven W. Seline, president of Walnut Private Equity Partners; Jerry Torczon, owner of Birchwood Homes, Inc.; and Greg Boulay, owner of Pella Products of Omaha and Lincoln.
See what it means to expect more
July 29 5:02 PM
Vicky Houston
It’s not often that anyone gets to introduce a brand-new bank to a community that is home to so many financial institutions. Please, allow me to welcome you to Premier Bank, our new Web site and mobile banking application.