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$1,000 bonus awarded to all Premier Bank employees
February 22 12:11 PM
Test Account
Our President and CEO, Chris Maher, generously gave all employees a $1,000 bonus recently in an effort to reward the employees for their hard work at making Premier Bank a success. Check out the great article that was written by the Omaha World Herald today!
Personal contacts are not overrated
April 24 1:55 PM
Test Account

If you’re a business owner, big name companies like Pay Pal, Square, and Visa are a part of your vocabulary. In an effort to accept payments from your customers, you more than likely have or are currently using their services. Not only are you using their services, you’re paying their fees and having to call a 1-800 number just to get a question answered. And you probably haven’t even talked to the same person more than once if you’ve had to make a call to that number.

Premier Bank ranked in 200 Healthiest Banks – 2nd year in a row.
July 17 10:50 AM
Test Account
Premier Bank ranked in 200 Healthiest Banks - 2nd year in a row.

Family & Youth Savings
February 25 8:51 AM
Test Account
Good saving habits often start with choices at home. Here are some great resources on how to teach your children to save – no matter the age.
Employees partner with Habitat for Humanity
September 19 12:18 PM
Vicky Houston

Over the Labor Day weekend, Premier Bank employees had the privilege to assist in building a home for a family in need through Omaha’s Habitat for Humanity, as well as provided breakfast and lunch for the construction team.

To learn more about Habitat for Humanity:

Premier Bank Collects Items for Open Door Mission Hope Totes
June 18 1:12 PM
Vicky Houston
The Open Door Mission distributes Hope Totes – bags filled with personal care necessities – to homeless men, women and children. Throughout the month of May, Premier Bank employees and customers together donated over 100 lbs. of items to the Open Door Mission to fill their bags.

See more on our Facebook page.
Serving the families of the Ronald McDonald House
March 4 2:56 PM
Vicky Houston

On February 11th, a group of Premier Bank employees were able to provide a home-cooked meal to the families residing at the Ronald McDonald House. The employees were able to provide and serve dinner to approximately 25 people within the home. Many of the families staying in the Ronald McDonald House represent several states. We are proud to support an organization that not only reaches out to the community, but also to those in need outside of the community. For more information about the Ronald McDonald House or to volunteer: