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Personal contacts are not overrated
April 24 1:55 PM
Test Account

If you’re a business owner, big name companies like Pay Pal, Square, and Visa are a part of your vocabulary. In an effort to accept payments from your customers, you more than likely have or are currently using their services. Not only are you using their services, you’re paying their fees and having to call a 1-800 number just to get a question answered. And you probably haven’t even talked to the same person more than once if you’ve had to make a call to that number.

Having a personal contact for all of your credit card processing needs is important and essential in the technology era today. When you are encountering a problem with your system, the last thing you want to do is call a 1-800 number, press a bunch of numbers to get to an automated recording and end up on hold for who knows how long. We don’t like doing that stuff and we’re guessing you don’t either.

Let Premier Bank’s personal customer service and up-to-date technology bring your credit card processing to a whole new level and we could even save you some money. E-mail one of our Credit Card Processing team members at: You will receive a free credit card analysis and experience our personal service first hand!